This is what you wanted!  Gwilliam is back and offers
some tips for getting special treats this Halloween!

The Eyeslicer Halloween Special is available for purchase on Vimeo on Demand unitl October 31st!

“Gwilliam’s Tips For Turning Tricks Into Treats” will screen theatrically as part of “The Eyeslicer Halloween Special.” Tour Dates Below!


Upcoming "BFF Girls" Screenings:
Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival - November 3rd @ 4:00PM
Morbido Film Festival - November 3rd @ 8:00PM, November 4th @ 5:00PM
Rome International Film Festival - November 3rd @ 9:30PM
Sick ‘n’ Wrong Film Festival - November 4th @ 4:15PM
STUFF MX Film Festival - TBD
Buried Alive Film Festival - November 18th @ 6:00PM
Monster Fest (as part of Trasharama) - November 25th @ 4:30PM
Y’allywood Film Festival - December 1st @ 7:00PM
PDXtreme Portland Underground Film Festival - TBD

BFF Girls is available for Pre-Order on Vimeo On Demand!!!

BFF Girls looks and feels like an anime, though it happens to be live action. The acting gets the off-the-wall tone pitch perfect, reinforced by the stellar art, costume, and production design. The directing is sleek and the writing quite humorous....
— Film Threat
What should be a one note joke plays out in a way that is both vulgar and heart warming. Any other group of filmmakers would have issues with keeping this balance, but Lonano and company walk that razor’s edge with the grace of seasoned pros.
— The Farsighted
...this film conveys a positive message, but is able to be so weird, wacky and fun...
— Nightmarish Conjurings